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Sónia Araújo

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Sónia Araújo
Sónia Araújo

Opening Ceremony Host

Sónia Araújo's television career began in 1995 as a dancer on SIC's "Chuva de Estrelas" and the "Globos de Ouro". A short time later, she was invited to present Sport TV's "Azul Vivo" program, and in 2000 she began her career at RTP. She has been the face of several television programs on this channel, including "Festival da Canção", "Natal dos Hospitais", "Aqui Portugal", "Verão Total", "Dança Comigo", "Saber Portugal", among others.
He has presented the daily program "A Praça da Alegria" alongside Jorge Gabriel for several years. This is a project that continues to evolve during RTP mornings and is the station's longest-running program. In addition to presenting programs, Sónia has always had a connection to dance. That's why she has been invited to take part in several television programs on the subject. In 2007, she won RTP's "Dança Comigo" program and was chosen to represent Portugal in the 1st edition of the Eurovision Dance Contest. Also in 2017, Sónia Araújo was invited to take part as a contestant in the program "Danças pelo Mundo". Her opponents were Tânia Ribas de Oliveira, Vanessa Oliveira, Sílvia Alberto, and Jani Gabriel, but Sónia won the competition.
Sónia also has the children's project "Sónia e as Profissões", where she takes on the role of singer, actress, and dancer. Accompanied by a group of dancers, the presenter recreates the various professional activities in a fun way, from hairdresser to firefighter, teacher, policeman, and footballer, among other professions.