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Rui Miguel Nabeiro

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Rui Miguel Nabeiro
Rui Miguel Nabeiro


Grupo Nabeiro - Delta Cafés
Rui Miguel Nabeiro is the CEO of Grupo Nabeiro - Delta Cafés, which has more than 30 companies spread across numerous sectors, with coffee being its core business. Present in more than 40 countries with direct operations in 8 - Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Angola, Brazil, and China - and with around 3,800 employees, the Group has the largest coffee roasting plant in the Iberian Peninsula.
With a degree in Business Management and a Master's in Applied Management from the Portuguese Catholic University, he began his professional career in Madrid, also working in Italy and Switzerland.
He has been the Director of Grupo Nabeiro since 2009 and his career has been marked by a commitment to innovation, a marked expansion of the international area, and a focus on diversifying the business by introducing new categories into the Group's portfolio.
Committed to strengthening the brands and boosting the growth of the Grupo Nabeiro business, Rui Miguel Nabeiro's ambition is to position the company among the top ten in the sector on a global scale. As of 2022, he has also taken on the responsibilities of President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as International Coffee Partners.
DATE AND TIME: 04-07-2024 16:30