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Rob Campbell

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Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell

Head of Strategy EMEA

Despite coming from Nottingham in England, loving Birkenstocks and being a session guitarist for some of the 80/90’s worst popstars, Rob has somehow managed to become the head of strategy for R/GA for all of the EMEA region. He leads a diverse gang of talented strategies help develop campaigns, services and products that push brands and business into the future while deeply resonating with their individual subcultures. He has lived and worked in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the US  developing strategies for everything from airport lounges to space stations for everyone from NIKE to Metallica at companies that include cynic, Google, and Wieden+Kennedy. Rob loves chaos, culture and creativity, co-runs the Wiegel/Campbell School of Strategic Arts and homeless lobby group Human_2.
• Why insights have never been so important
• Understand how to understand your audience
• The difference between relevance and resonance
• How to create work that is interesting not just right
• A reminder that creativity is the only legal means to change heritage, distribution and budget
DATE AND TIME: 2021-07-01 16:15:00