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Ramón Galarza

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Ramón Galarza
Ramón Galarza

Composer & Producer

Ramón Galarza is a multi-talented entrepreneur in the music industry in Portugal.
As a musician, composer, orchestrator, producer and entrepreneur, he has worked over the last 45 years with iconic names in Portuguese music - José Afonso, José Cid, Rui Veloso, Xutos e Pontapés, among many others. Both live, as record and in television, Ramón has produced and collaborated in many different programs, such as “Rua Sésamo”, “Tal Canal”, “Ídolos” and Eurovision Festivals.
Simultaneously he is managing his music production company, Tchatchatcha.
In 2023 produced his orchestral album “Symetrix”, which will also be presented live, as well as the concerts of this band - Ramón Galarza´s Band.
DATE AND TIME: 28-06-2023 14:15