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Peter Hopwood

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Peter Hopwood
Peter Hopwood

Main Stage Presenter | Executive Storytelling & Speaker Coach

Hopwood Speaker Coaching
British born Peter travels the globe (physically & virtually) supporting executives, leaders, founders and teams to craft and deliver engaging stories, increase their leadership presence and persuasive connection - with impact.
Essentially, Peter guides professionals to adopt a set of speaking behaviours and insights to create stronger chemistry and connection, using storytelling techniques to get closer to better outcomes.
Dubai to Amsterdam, Shanghai to Berlin, Peter’s engaging coaching skills are in high demand taking founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and TEDx speakers to the next level in their confidence, storytelling abilities and presence on stage or in a virtual setting.
Equally, as a global events MC / virtual host and presenter, Peter has built an extensive portfolio of shaping some of the strongest tech events on the planet. 500+ events, professionally shaping stages worldwide – delighting audiences globally and through the screen.    
Chair of the Communication Committee of the The World Innovation and Change Management Institute (WICMI), Peter has worked in 42 countries (physically) and lived in 7 - now based in Split, Croatia.
DATE AND TIME: 26-03-2023 04:07