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Nico Mulder

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Nico Mulder
Nico Mulder

Former City Marketing Strategist & Consultant

As a city marketing strategist and consultant at amsterdam&partners (Amsterdam’s city marketing organization) since 2012, Nico is a key player in the city branding and –marketing case of I amsterdam, a visible translation of Amsterdam’s DNA. Being the driving force behind various ground-breaking campaigns, Nico received multiple awards, including the “UNWTO Ulysses Award”. Recently, the launch of the “Enjoy & Respect” campaign, which creates awareness on what is and isn’t allowed in Amsterdam, generated world-wide attention.
Nico is a member of multiple strategic think tanks for culture, tourism and city marketing. He exchanges his knowledge and experiences with many cities abroad too, such as New York, Barcelona, Seoul and Casablanca.
DATE AND TIME: 2021-09-10 10:10:00