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Juliet Rausch

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Juliet Rausch
Juliet Rausch

Senior Account Executive

Juliet Rausch is a Sr Account Executive working for Silicon Valley based HR Tech Company Lever, combating the entrenched biases in hiring that have contributed to the gaping shortage of women and minorities in today’s workforce. 
Juliet is a LinkedIn Alumna where she partnered with Search and Staffing companies, on their talent acquisition and employer branding strategies. This means driving quantifiable results around reducing cost and time to hire and increasing employer brand attraction and awareness through LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions.
In line with LinkedIn’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging efforts, she also served as their Global Cultural Program Lead for EMBRACE.
EMBRACE is LinkedIn’s Diversity and Inclusion focused Employee Resource Group, spearheading the mission of overcoming unconscious bias at the workplace and building a culture of belonging, through embracing cultural, gender, physical and ethnic diversity at every level of the organization.
Juliet is an Ethnic and Culture Ambassador for DiverseIn, a global membership forum for underrepresented and marginalized groups, consulting on diversity and inclusion related issues at the workplace.
Juliet was elected country lead in New Zealand for the biggest global youth-led Non-profit organization AIESEC and worked at the NGO and Civil Society Center on the Youth for Asia Project at the Asian Development Bank in Manila.
DATE AND TIME: 2021-07-01 14:00:00