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Helen Edwards

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Helen Edwards
Helen Edwards

Writer, Consultant and Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing

London Business School
Helen Edwards is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing at London Business School, teaching brand management. She is also an award-winning business columnist, a brand consultant to some of the world’s biggest brands, and sits on the council of the UK Effies.
Her most recent book, ‘From Marginal to Mainstream: why tomorrow’s brand growth will come from the fringes – and how to get there first’, is published by Kogan Page in 2023. Her previous book, ‘Creating Passionbrands: how to build an emotional brand connection with customers’ was published by Kogan Page in 2005. She has also contributed chapters to ‘The Definitive Book of Branding’ (Sage 2014), ‘Advertising Works 24’ (IPA 2018), and ‘Eat Your Greens: fact-based thinking to improve your brand’s health’ (APG 2018).
She is the regular ‘On brand’ columnist for Marketing Week, has won the PPA Business Columnist of the Year twice, and has been shortlisted seven times. She has also won the BSME Business Columnist of the Year – voted for by editors.
She is the strategic partner at Passionbrand, a global brand consultancy whose clients include Johnson & Johnson, Wella, MetLife, and The World Economic Forum.
Helen has an MBA from London Business School and a Ph.D. in Marketing.
• Long-term sustainable growth is the biggest challenge facing business leaders today. Growth has stalled – but all is not lost
• Exciting, soaraway growth won’t be found in the usual places – which is why it is time to look in the unusual ones
• Consumer-driven disruption is a tidal wave that starts as a ripple. You need to spot that ripple
• Businesses don’t want to study marginal behaviors and fringe ways because they are too small to justify the investment. But that’s what was said about veganism, once
• Today’s margins are tomorrow’s pot of gold. The margins can be read, understood, and seized as a springboard for growth. This talk will show you how
DATE AND TIME: 28-06-2023 11:40