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Frederico Santos

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Frederico Santos
Frederico Santos

Head of Digital & Innovation

Sonae MC
Frederico has been working in retail for 10 years with experience both in food and fashion and with roles in technology and finance. Previously he worked in a management consulting firm for 5 years in areas ranging from banking to telecom and public sector. He is an Engineer from FEUP with an MBA from INSEAD.
He works at Sonae MC, the largest Portuguese retailer, where he is responsible for leading the digital transformation and innovation topics. He focuses particularly in understanding the impacts of technology, process and product trends in the way consumers interact with retail and (tries) to help Sonae MC in the huge challenge of transforming customer’s groceries shopping journey.
When not working and not playing with his daughters, Frederico loves driving simulators and gaming in general, coding, playing padel and all kinds of snow/watersports. He has a hard time finding the time to read a book, but listens to a couple of audiobooks every month.
DATE AND TIME: 2021-09-09 14:15:00