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David Shing

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David Shing
David Shing

Digital Prophet

“Artist, globe-trotting speaker, and market seeker, he is a storyteller who identifies emerging trends, and inspires clients to think differently.” - Forbes
David Shing (known as “Shingy”) is an Australian futurist, speaker, creative director, strategic digital consultant, and entrepreneur. Known for his performative persona and bold and polarizing moniker, the digital prophet, Shingy is a multidimensional creative who specializes in advising clients about inventive and effective approaches to optimizing brand value within the digital landscape. He is passionate about educating big brands about the unique opportunities afforded by emerging digital, social, and mobile technologies.
Shing has spent most of his adult life in the digital world working for both large and small creative companies globally while co-authoring several technology-related patents. He recently served as Verizon Media's digital prophet and prior to that, AOL’s European head of media and marketing responsible for 11 countries. 
The Connected Human
• Worklife has changed forever and everyone needs to prepare for the future of work
• Behaviors continue to be influenced by technology. Where are we headed?
• Ecosystems powered by data, AI, and human behaviors are rapidly outpacing expectations
• What can we expect next on the digital roadmap?
• Why does creativity matter more than ever before?
DATE AND TIME: 28-06-2023 16:10