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Ângelo Correia

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Ângelo Correia
Ângelo Correia

Entrepreneur and Consultant

PhD in Strategic Studies from ISCSP (University of Lisbon) and with a degree in Chemical-Industrial Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, he was a (guest) Full Professor of Strategy at ISCSP. 
He has held several positions in the business area, including Chairman of the Board of the Portuguese Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman, CEO, Executive and Non-Executive Director of the Board of Directors of several companies in the energy, pharmaceutical, industrial, environment, insurance, financial, port, shipping, telecommunications, private security, and tourism sectors. He was also Chairman of the General Assembly and Audit Board in several companies, a business consultant, and Chairman of several national and regional business associations.
Ângelo Correia was Honorary Consul of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Portugal; Minister of Internal Administration; Member of the Constituent Assembly in the I, II, III, IV, and V Legislatures; Chairman of the Parliamentary Committees of National Defense, European Affairs and Local Power, Regions, and Environment; Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Economy, Finance and Plan; Member of the Council of Europe, and of EFTA; Chairman of the Portuguese Parliamentary Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO. He was also a member of the Standing Committee and the Military and Security Committee; Chairman of the Portuguese Parliamentary Delegation to the OSCE; Member of the National Defence Strategy Committee (MDN) and of the Council for the Revision of the Strategic Concept for Security and National Defence; Chairman of the Sintra Municipal Assembly; Chairman of the PSD Congress Board; Vice-Chairman of the National Policy Committee, of its Standing Committee and of the National Council of the PSD party.
He was honored by the Vatican States, Spain, Italy, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Democratic Republic of Algeria, and Portugal.
DATE AND TIME: 28-06-2023 17:15