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Aline Santos

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Aline Santos
Aline Santos

Chief Brand Officer and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Joining Unilever as a marketing trainee, Aline is now Chief Brand Officer, responsible for driving marketing, communication and innovation excellence at Unilever, along with leading all marketing services and marketing capabilities globally. 
Aline has been the architect of many successful brand building campaigns with purpose at the heart. Recently she led Unilever’s #Unstereotype initiative that aims to eliminate stereotypes from advertising while promoting progressive portrayals of people. Recognizing the power of partnerships, she helped launch the Unstereotype Alliance with UN Women – an industry wide collaboration to accelerate the progress on this agenda across the industry. Aline also launched the new marketing philosophy for Unilever – Get on the Frontline – bringing forward a new paradigm for purposeful and inclusive marketing.
Aline is also Unilever’s Chief Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer, ensuring that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values, behaviors and management practices.  Under her stewardship, the representation of women in management reached 50% at the end of 2019, one year ahead of their 2020 target. Several programs were launched to increase leadership commitment and engagement and she inspired employees ‘networks to expand to 1’000s of volunteers, creating grass roots movements in the company that are so needed to support this agenda.
• We’re living in a time when uncertain geopolitics, unprecedented global crises, and the need for urgent action on climate change are issues that are here and now. 
• The private sector needs to use its power to help heal the world’s wounds. The future of business doesn’t start on the top line or the bottom line but on the frontline – this is where the action is and where brands can have the biggest impact.
• Get on the Frontline is our new marketing philosophy at Unilever which can help all of us to realize a future that is more positive and more progressive.
• A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world – it’s critical that every marketer takes the time to get closer to their consumers so that they can solve their problems.
• By looking beyond labels we can break stereotypes and support the systemic change required across the industry when it comes to inclusion.
DATE AND TIME: 2021-09-09 16:10:00